Writing & Copyright Permissions


I am available to write on a range of legal topics (particularly shipping, personal injury and general civil/commercial litigation). I have written for legal and shipping publications, including magazines (such as Maritime Risk International, Fairplay Solutions, Baltic Briefing, Allaboutshipping.co.uk), bulletins, books, websites and legal documents. I have written and delivered seminars and lectures on shipping, personal injury, travel law and legal skills.

Outside law, I have written for Geek Parenting Magazine and content for business websites and pitches.

Copyright permissions

Permission may be needed to use any extract of someone else’s text in your writing, whether as a quotation or reference, or in any other way, with some small exceptions. This may even apply to older texts, depending on how and when they were published, and whether has been any revision or translation. I have experience in obtaining copyright permissions, including for poetry and song lyrics.