I will review and amend your text as necessary to ensure it reads well and that it is clear and error-free, while retaining your voice as author and leaving you with the best possible version of your original draft. This does not include extensive rewriting or restructuring.


I will check spelling, grammar and punctuation in the text, and ensure your use of terms, spellings, font and layout is consistent throughout. This should be the final review of the text, after it has already been edited.


Somewhere between proofreading and copy-editing, this is what many business and individuals are looking for, particularly where English is the writer’s second language (ESL). This involves deeper review than a standard proofread, but not a full copy-edit. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


As well as proofreading or editing your website as required, I will check that media and graphics display properly, links work as they should and that your site navigation makes sense.